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Ezra Koenig (Q Magazine, October 2014 issue)


Ezra Koenig (Q Magazine, October 2014 issue)


Ezra Koenig on his first watch, time and money and the style of success (Esquire USA, May 2013 issue)

I got my first watch a few weeks ago. It’s a Casio retrofitted with a three-color band: red, white, and black. People often mistake the black for blue and assume I’m repping the French tricolor on my wrist. Once they realize the actual color scheme, they think it’s either Thom Browne or, very occasionally, the striped flag is one of the few that references the concept of time: The red stands for the bloodshed of martyrs, the white for a bright future, and the black for the dark past. Past and future in flag—perfect for a watchband, no?
I’d never considered wearing a watch before, but it struck me as a sensible step toward spending less time on my phone. It’s one less reason to pull out my “precious”—-and perhaps a small step away from that hyperconnected, everything-all-of-the-time modern anxiety. I’ll admit it’s hard to fully trust something that’s not connected to the Internet, but I think, with time, it’ll work out.

Hey guys! I wrote an article that was featured on admitopia.com, an information and advice website geared towards incoming and current college students.
You can check it out here: admitopia.com/college-life/

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Vampire Weekend Discuss Contra

I can’t explain my unhealthy fascination of bands that break down and explain their music process, and I won’t even try.

I still catch myself feeling sad about things that don’t matter anymore.
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I’m not for everyone. I’m barely for me.
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My final batch of golden pickings for driving into the summer sunset one last time.

(All video links inserted within song titles)

1_Local Natives -  Sun Hands

2_Erlend Oye - Garota+

3_Empire of the Sun - Celebrate

4_Miami Horror - Real Slow

5_Tennis - I’m Callin’+

6_Saint Motel - Puzzle Pieces*

7_We Are Trees - Sunrise Sunset

8_Beach Fossils - Fall Right In

9_Faols - Out of the Woods

10_The Beach Boys - All I Wanna Do

(*) = Pick of the Week (+) = New